150-20 Barclay Ave. Flushing N.Y. 11355

(718) 359-0161


The church annual picnic- is this Saturday, June 17 at 10:00 am at Valley Stream State Park.  Invite your family and friends.  There is a cost for entering the Park approximately $10.00.  Bring your own food, and if possible, a little extra. 

Happy Father's Day- to all our dads in the congregation, at home  and those who are far away.  May God bless you all.  In your honor the Deacons' have prepared a light lunch for those who can partake.

Congratulations to: MacKayla Schultz, Eleanor's great granddaughter, who graduated from Kindergarten on Friday, June 9.

Congratulations: to Holly Anderson will graduate from World of Journalism Public School on Wednesday, June 21.  She will be attending the same school for High School.

Congratulations: to Joseph Doyle, Eleanor's grand-son who will graduate with honors from North Shore High School in Glen Cove,  on Friday, June 23.  He will be attending  Loyola University in Baltimore this September.

It's a Boy!!- We are so excited to welcome Joel Ernest Zitzmann to our family.  He arrived at 5:57AM today, June 6, 2017, weighing in at 8 pounds and 12 ounces and 20.5" long.  Everyone is doing great and in perfect health.  We look forward to sharing more details about his birth in a blog post coming soon.  Thank you all for your love, prayers, and support!    ?-Chris, Bethany, Peyton, Anna & Joel.

Pastor's Vacation- Pastor will be on vacation from June 20 to July 15.   In his absence Rev. Peter DeArruda will preach on Sunday, June 25,   Elder John Giuffre will preach on July 2nd and Elder Joseph Karlya will preach on July 9th.  Should you have any pastoral needs please speak to one the our Elders, or call the Church Office.

Elder Ram Moon will conduct Prayer Meeting while Pastor is on vacation.

 Prayer Wall

1)  Pray for those who are being saved.

Haidi, Jon, Esther, Charley, Gaetano, Alice, Jay, Phyllis, Mario, Andriana, Timothy, Lorenzo, Eva, Savita,

Raymond, Moises, David, Jeremy, Juan, Irene, Libby, Jose, Anahi, Jhonny, Adolfo Jr., Alex, Hana, John,

Gabriella, Eddie, Cristena, Jennifer, Valarie, Victor, Joanna, Dennis, Robert, Ryan, Kevin, Thaw,

Gabriela, Jenny, Paul, Nicholas, Steve, Walter, Paul Zabe, Michelle Zabe, Monsam family, Antonelli

family,  Irma,  Christine, Lorraine, Daisy, Louis, Nelson, Nor Manny Jason, Tarry.

Continuing Ministries

-MHNA Food Pantry-
The food pantry is open every Saturday from 11:00 AM to 12:00 PM.  
-Prayer Group- 

Every day our church members pray for others as requests come in.  
If you have a prayer request, please contact Marge Lippe at (718) 358-7804. 


Local Missions

Bowery Mission, CRU (Joseph Karlya), Christian Service Brigade (Ron Rynd), 

Northern Frontier, Chris Studley, Circle of Friends, Flushing Christian School, Grace

Community Outreach, (Otisville, Joshua Kim), Habitat for Humanity, Jews for Jesus,

New York School of Urban Ministry, Youth Ministry (George Cleland).

International Missions

The Bible League, Christ in Action (Christopher Zitzmann), Christar (Sandra

Chanderdat - India and Kathi and Steve Amar - Muslim 

Outreach), Daystar University (Faculty), European Christian Mission (David Poysti), 

Impact International (Bruce Woodman), Kairos International (Rick Leatherwood), 

Mission to the World (Hugh Wessel), OMF International (Gerry and Barbara

Wibberly), R.C.E. International (Bethany Coloma Meekins), Reach Beyond (Dwight

Lind), Russian Christian Radio (Prison Magazine), SIM USA (Dorothy Forsberg),

United World Mission (Scott Nyborg), World Venture (Banqui Evan School of


Church Staff

Pastor - Samuel Adams Park                                       

Administrative Assistant - Estrellita Lochan

Sexton - Joshua Kim

Music Director - Clementa Cazan German 

Circle of Friends Nursery School - Michelle Herrmann, Ok Mi Kim, Mary Harmon, Jennifer Iovino

FPCF After School - Nury Hughes, Alex Yi and Gloria Nictora