150-20 Barclay Ave. Flushing N.Y. 11355

(718) 359-0161

Welcome to our church!


A family church for the whole community.

(Loving people to Life)


Our mission is to provide hope to our community by sharing the love of Jesus Christ.

Guiding Principles

1. Biblical Truth: We value Biblical Truth, therefore we teach and live by the Word of God.

2. Christ's Love: We embrace Love, therefore we will care for the needs of others with kindness, patience and compassion.

3. Community: We value Community, therefore we welcome all who come through our door to participate in experiencing our friendliness and unity.

4. Servant Leadership: We value Servant Leadership, therefore we seek to develop the spiritual growth and well being of others.

Church History

January 22, 1905

Church founded on 41st Avenue across from Murray Hill LIRR Station.

April 04, 1905

The First Presbyterian Church was incorporated.


Rev. Benjamin I. Parliman appointed first Pastor.  Served from 1905-1906.


House of worship (present library) constructed to seat 100 on 5 donated lots at the corner of Barclay & Murray Streets.


Rev. Herbert W. Fields installed as first permanent pastor.  Served 1907-1910.


Rev. Archibald M. Currie served as pastor.


Rev. Caleb H. Hodges served as pastor.  In 1908 additional room added for Sunday School (present Chandelier Room).


Rev. George C. Belingrath H. Hodges served as pastor, congregation increased rapidly as voluntary tithing was introduced, fund raising stopped and missions given 10% of church income. On September 11, 1927 the new sanctuary was added to building.  Final expansion completion was done in 1931.


Rev. Charles Woodbridge served as pastor. Pastor Woodbridge introduced revival meetings and a relief ministry for depression victims.


Rev. Alexander Sauerwrin served as pastor, he introduced street meets. In 1935 the manse at 42-22 Murray Street was purchased.


Rev. Luther P. Finke served as pastor.  Mission received 20% of budget.  2 members lost their lives in WWII:  George Kirkland & Philip Bayer.


Rev. Allen Blair served as pastor.  Bill Agnew started church extension committee, in 1949 church annex was purchased, in 1949 Rev. Billy Graham preached at First Presbyterian Church.


Rev. Louis F. Hutchins served as pastor, membership peaked at 702 in 1955 (362 average Sunday worship and 337 in Sunday School).  Two floors of Faith Hall dedicated in 1959.


Rev. J. Murray Marshall served as pastor.  New manse at 148-19 32nd Avenue purchased in 1961.  New nursery school opened in 1963, 3rd floor of Faith Hall completed in 1964.  David McKenchie called to be Associate Pastor 1966-1968 while attending New York Theological Seminary.  In 1967 parking lot was purchased, 1969 Rev. David Harmon called to be youth Minister.


Rev. Charles Mangione served as pastor. Women's Fellowship started in 1974, and women were ordained as deacons and elders.  Korean church started in 1977, Rev. In Whan Rheem installed in 1981.  Senior luncheons started in 1979, free clothing program initiated, counseling center begun in 1980.


Rev. Andrew Gerhart served as pastor.  Small home groups started, outreach committee initiated and singles ministry begun.  New praise books introduced, choir leader and organist hired.


Rev. Dr. John I. Smucker served as pastor (interim pastor from 1995-1997). Started early morning prayer, an English Language Center, married couples programs, weigh down program, home cell groups, Alpha Program, youth group.  Adopted a new mission statement after re-focusing study and deliberations.  Started community non-profit with Immanuel Church for community service efforts.

July 1, 2011 

Rev. Samuel Adams Park is currently serving as pastor.